Golf Village Gate Access Procedure

If you are looking to grant guest access to anyone there are two ways of doing so:

  1. You can call Golf Village security directly at 745-2622 and speak with an officer. You will need your security code to verify who you are.
  2. You can call the automated system at 748-9388. Just follow the automated prompts and enter the requested information.

If there are any question or concerns you may contact Security at 745-2622, or Community Services at 746-7769.

Helpful Security Tips:

  1. When you are not home or just stepping out for a few minutes. SET YOUR ALARM.
  2. Prior to leaving take and extra minute to make sure all windows and doors are locked. Also place a stick in the bottom of the frame so the door cannot be opened.
  3. Keep your garage door closed at all times.
  4. Do monthly test on your alarm system with security to confirm security is receiving the signal at the gate.
  5. Do not give your key out. Security should have the key at the gate. Your guest, housekeeper or contractor can get it from security. There is a log kept when the key is taken and returned.
  6. Do not give your security code out. That is solely for you, the resident.
  7. Report anything suspicious to security. Do not wait. Report it immediately.
  8. Cancel your newspaper subscription when going out of town.
  9. Secure all windows. Use the lock on the top, but also place a stick in the frame so the window cannot be opened
  10. Activate the alarm system. Alarm must be on for it to work. Prior to leaving test the alarm with the security staff so we know it is in working order.
  11. Call security prior to leaving and place your home on the House Watch Checklist.
  12. Call security and check your permanent guest list.
  13. Call security and check your emergency contact list.